Lauren; specializing in life changing transformations.


โ€œThe only thing that multiplies when you share it are those things that can not be seen, love, kindness, mercy, hope and joy.โ€

-Lauren Lake Petrich

Lauren is the owner and visionary behind The Beauty Artisan & Co. To those around her, she is a motivational speaker and life coach, to those closest to her, she is a friend and confidant, and to her family she is a loving spouse and devoted mother.

She is a licensed cosmetologist with 9 years of experience behind the chair and is a blonde and extension specialist. Lauren holds the title of master colorist since having acquired extensive continuing education in her field and having years of experience as an educator for advanced color theory.

As a Microblading Artist, Lauren also boasts accreditations from the worlds most prestigious Microblading academy, PhiBrows. She is one of the Temecula Valleys most accomplished microblading artists, having been certified over two years and having completed well over 500+ faces in that time. She specializes in micro-stroking and complete brow reconstructions.





Excellent Artistry, wonderful Experience.

โ€œLauren Has been doing my hair for 6+ years. When I first came to her, I had been lead to believe that what I wanted was unachievable. Not only did Lauren exceed my expectations, but she also made me feel comfortable and appreciated during the process. I trust her expertise so much, that I would recommend her to any of my family or friends.โ€

โ€” Denisse M.

My Brows are perfection!

โ€œHaving had my brows Microbladed twice by two different artists before, I was not convinced that anyone was going to be able to meet my expectations. Honestly, I was blown away at Laurens ability to interpret my needs and wants as well as her ability to execute the perfect brows for my face. I absolutely am in love with my brows and I love Laurenโ€™s heart for changing womenโ€™s lives. I would recommend her to anyone looking for this service.โ€

โ€” Brittany K.

The experience is unlike any other.

โ€œI have had many experiences having my hair done by other people and locations, but Lauren and her team have set the standard in my book. The warmth, the charm and the feelings of welcome are beyond anywhere I have ever been. Itโ€™s very apparent that after spending time with Lauren, her goal is to connect with, love on, and empower women everywhere. I would whole heartedly recommend Lauren and her peers to anyone looking for a salon service.โ€

โ€” Jen J.




Lauren Lake Petrich.

Changing peoples lives, one service at a time.