Megan; the purest approach to beauty.

β€œlet food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

-Chinese Proverb

Megan is a gentle soul with a sweet and kind approach towards others. She is extremely detail oriented and precise in her services, ensuring the most thorough and complete services. Because Megan is so passionate about the services she provides, she strives to educate each client during the procedure to the best of her ability that they may leave feeling empowered and knowledgable. Her honesty and reliability allow her to build trusting relationships with her clients. Megan helps her clients look and feel good, and when her clients feel good, she feels good.





Amazing and perfect.

β€œI went to see Megan for a tan before I left on vacation. I have been to countless tanning places and I’ve used a wide variety of self tanners. I can say that the products she used, combined with her expertise, left my skin looking amazing and so perfectly bronzed.”

- Raleen W.

I love her products!

β€œMegan is such a sweetheart. She gave me a beautiful bronze spray tan that lasted way longer than usual. I love that her products are organic and I didn’t notice much of a scent like other spray tans I’ve used in the past. It was a great experience and I will be back soon!”

- Paris  G.

Very sterile and clean.

β€œMegan is gentle and really cares about her clients. She keeps a very sterile clean environment that is also soothing and inviting. She’s very easy to talk to and has a way of calming you down during the painful parts. I would definitely recommend her!!”

-Cher B.




The purest approach to beauty.

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