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“There is no greater calling, then that of a life of service to others.”

— Anonymous

We believe that a life of service is an honor and a privilege. Showing true humility and graciousness towards one another is life changing and one of the only true selfless displays of love and care. We understand that one can only truly and purely lead others from a place of servitude and submission, making themselves the lesser and others the greater.


“One must know thyself, and be true to thyself, before being true to one another” 

— Anonymous

Integrity is fueled by the knowledge and acceptance of oneself. We must be able to accept ourselves for our shortcomings and failures to be able to take responsibility for our own happiness and well being. The pursuit of inner growth never ends, always evolving and ever blooming. This is the foundation of honesty, character, and integrity.


“One who works with his hands is a laborer. One who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman. One who works with his hands, his mind, and his heart is an artist.”

— St. Francis of Assisi

We Understand that true artistry can only be accomplished with hands tuned by practice, a mind filled with knowledge, and a heart fulled by passion. Here at The Beauty Artisan & Co. we take great pride in our artistry and accomplishments as artisans.


“The true definition of excellence is becoming be better than you once were.”

— L.L.P.

When we define excellence at The Beauty Artisan & Co. we do so by measuring our growth and accomplishments against our former selves. We do not compare ourselves to one another, but only choose to race against ourselves. Just do your best, and when you can, just do better.


“…The pursuit of inner growth never ends, always evolving and ever blooming. This is the foundation of honesty, character, and integrity.”

— Lauren Lake Petrich



The Symbolism of the Deer

“The Working Woman: Beauty & Strength.”

Most all males of deer species grow antlers, used to battle for females and food, but did you know that reindeer are the only species in which the females will also grow antlers? 

In fact, many female reindeer have beautiful antlers, used to defend for food or territories from other females, providing her and her unborn young with safety. These antlers can be the female reindeers greatest recourse and sometimes a matter of life and death in the slim winter months. 

Those females with the largest antlers tend to be socially dominant and in the best overall physical condition. This also gives heir young a higher chance of surviving in the wilderness. These beautiful antler crowns are worn as a sign of strength and prosperity in some of the most rigid and depleted winter conditions. 

Unlike horns in other species, male reindeer will shed antlers each year, this happens in autumn, after the rut. Although, Female reindeer may retain their antlers until spring, because access to food is critical during their winter pregnancy while feeding their unborn young. 

Some scientists even argue that Rudolph, who is universally depicted in late December with intact antlers, is actually female. In fact, as the legend would have it, this would mean all of Santa’s reindeer, who are the silent messengers for joy and peace to the world, are in fact, female. 

Here is where us strong, resourceful females must be compassionate and aware of others... Because growing antlers takes a lot of energy, those with low access to food or poor food quality will shed their antlers, leaving them and their young defenseless against the winter elements. 

You see, for us working women, our antlers represent our skill set, our perseverance, our resourcefulness. Outsiders may see this as a crown of beauty, our sisters and peers see them as a sign of achievement and prosperity. But for us, they mean so much more. We are women, we are beauty and strength with gentleness and kindness. We are messengers of joy and peace, we are life givers and protectors of our young. So sisters, wear your crown with honor and integrity, never being ashamed of its beauty and always using it for good.  - L.L.P.


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